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Community description:Sharpie's fic journal
This is the fanfic journal of [personal profile] sharpiefan. Created as a closed community, it operates as a normal Dreamwidth journal, in that you can comment on any entry inside. I set it up as a closed community simply because I get tired of logging out and in, in order to post things.

The above banner is free for you to take and use on your own journal or website.

Disclaimer: I own none of the canon characters found in any fic herein contained. I make no profit from any fanfiction work. I write for my own enjoyment and because I appreciate the works, creations and worlds of the authors whose characters I borrow from time to time. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I am but a pale imitator.

A quick word on ratings: I use the British system: U, PG, PG-A, 12, 15, 18. If you are under-age, do not click on LJ-cuts of fics specified 12, 15 or 18.

A note about the Sharpe fics: The majority of the Sharpe fics and situations are based on the novels, although Sharpe himself and the icons used to portray him bear more than a passing resemblance to Sean Bean.

The Sharpe Series
Movies: Rifles, Eagle, Company, Enemy, Honour, Gold, Battle, Sword, Regiment, Siege, Mission, Revenge, Justice, Waterloo
Books: Tiger, Triumph, Fortress, Trafalgar, Prey, Rifles, Havoc, Eagle, Gold, Escape, Fury, Battle, Company, Sword, Enemy, Honour, Regiment, Siege, Revenge, Waterloo, Devil

All are easily available from your local library or bookshop, or Amazon. Thank you.

Note on spoilers: I have given each fic a spoiler alert at the very top. Where a title is shared between a book and a TV episode, I have specified either (book) or (movie). If a title is shared, yet NOT specified, the fic combines spoilers for both. Where a title is not shared, I have not specified whether it spoils a book or a movie. Sharpe's Tiger is a book, Sharpe's Mission is a movie. Neither need specifying as such.

Spoilers for books and films other than the Sharpe series will be treated in a similar fashion, with spoiled books and films identified.

Remixing/Transformations of my work I don't mind if other people want to remix my fic, or podfic it, draw it or whatever else. And I would love you to link me to whatever you produce (after all, I'd love to know that you liked my work so much you wanted to remix it/podfic it/illustrate it/whatever). I'm not particularly a podfic listener, but I think podficcing is a great thing to do! I'd really like to drop by and leave you a comment of thanks, though. We all like to know our work is appreciated, after all. If it is a piece of original fic you wish to transform, please ask (the easiest way to contact me is to PM me here, or post a comment to the work in question).
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